About Ma’ayan Alexander

Ma’ayan – מַעְיָן  – Hebrew for spring of water; a wellspring

A web projects manager and a tech for social change consultant, trainer and blogger. Curious about how people and organizations use internet, social networks and other technologies for social change, community development, sharing and learning.

Whether in organizations, groups or as individuals, I help people translate goals, wishes and needs to operative tech language and terms. Together we find relevant tools and adjust them to the specified needs. Part of this adjustment is technical customization, and part is about setting training and work processes.

I have extensive experience in the for-profit, non-profit and the academic worlds. As a trainer and consultant, I trained non-profit professionals in organizations and groups on how to successfully implement web and tech tools and strategies into their work.

In The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I managed a project of implementing a websites platform for academic websites: research, departments, conferences and personal sites.

I worked for 4 years at Shatil, the executive branch of The New Israel Fund, as an internet activities director and internet for social change consultant to non-profits and social-change groups.

Before that I was a support and implementation analyst and projects manager at ExLibris group, working with academic library professionals and development teams.

I believe that free speech is better than a free beer, that art is a form of social change, and that a well-designed digital spreadsheet can do miracles.

I'll be happy to hear from you about social digital projects, initiatives, and opportunities to work together. You can contact me here, on twitter or LinkedIn.

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